Whatever It Takes… to Experience the Arts

Since 2019, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County (BGCMC) has had great success implementing the Power of Art Program (POA). We partnered with Visionary School of the Arts and their POA program to deliver an impactful arts education program. POA is offered weekly to all of our Club members. It is a pioneering fine art curriculum that is healing, transforming and empowering. POA is part of a wheel of programming designed to align with the organization’s needs assessment and is included in our schedule of personal and academic enrichment activities.

Each session begins with a positive affirmation. Members then work, with the guidance of the POA professional instructor, on a painting or drawing that illustrates that week’s lesson. Finally, the group will discuss the lesson or lessons that their project illustrates. POA was developed by the Visionary School of the Arts, a locally funded and managed organization. The program was piloted in the community in programs whose demographics and risk factors mirror our typical Club Member. As funding became available, we were able to enter in an agreement to offer this program in all of our Clubs.