Rep. Brian Mast Addresses Concerns of Teens From Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County

Rep. Brian Mast fielded questions from 43 teenagers during a July 13 video conference that was held at Stuart Police Department.

“It doesn’t matter how old you are,” Mast told the teens. “You are this community and your voice is just as important as anyone else’s.

The teens’ questions focused on issues that are affecting their age group and community. Topics included higher education, homeland security and foreign policy.


Here are a few of the highlights from the Q&A:


Do you think college should be free for people who can’t afford it?

No, I don’t think college should be free. The reality is that when something is given to us we don’t value it in the same way. I’ve outlined a program where college is not free. It comes at a cost, but the cost is your commitment. You have the opportunity to have every penny of your school paid for by serving your country.


Do you believe President Trump will follow through with building a wall along the Mexican border? What are your thoughts on this?

I think he will. There are versions of a wall along our southern border. We are a sovereign nation. As a sovereign nation, it is the right of every citizen to be protected by the government. That is the way the law works and that is what sovereignty is all about. We have an issue with people coming across our border illegally and because that is a major issue as it pertains to the security of our nation. One of the beautiful things about a structure [a wall] is that it does not discriminate against anybody, it simply enforces the law.


What changes do you think will be made to the Affordable Care Act? And do you think it will be affordable?

Does it make somebody’s deductible less? Does it make somebody’s premium less? Does it give them access to a healthier life? These questions need to be answered. Not just the questions of insurance and insurance coverage – are we actually going to be healthier? I truly believe that with the changes that we are going to make to the Affordable Care Act, people are going to have a better opportunity to have better healthcare.


About Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County

Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County provides award-winning youth development programs in literacy, character & good citizenship, and health & wellness for over 2,000 children and teens (6 to 18 years old) in Martin County. Clubs are located in Hobe Sound, Indiantown, Palm City, Port Salerno and Stuart.

The membership fee of $35 per school year for children includes after-school hours on early release days, and a full day of programs on most days that schools are closed. Bus transportation to the Clubs is available from most public schools.  If you are interested in club membership, please visit any club or call 772-545-1255.

BGCMC is celebrating its 26th year of “building great futures” in Martin County, enabling youth and teens to reach their full potential by staying on track to graduate, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and practicing healthy lifestyles.

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