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Formed in 1991, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County consists of five branches: Hobe Sound, Indiantown, Palm City, Port Salerno and Stuart.

Each year, we serve 1,700 Martin County youth ages 6 to 18 years of age with after-school programs, summer program and community outreach activities. We charge only $35 per year but spend more than $1,800 on programs and services per Member. And we never turn a child away for his or her family’s inability to pay.

To strengthen our organizational capacity, our youth development staff receives ongoing training throughout the year. Staff then utilizes a comprehensive curriculum developed in association with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to which we are affiliated, to help improve grades, increase physical activity, teach resistance skills youth need to avoid drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and provide youth with opportunities for artistic experience, community service, and leadership roles. To more strategically meet the specific needs of Martin County’s teen population, we launched The Club, a program that targets local teens, in 2011. The Club's curriculum, based on the input of more than 850 local teens, emphasizes technology training, community service, career planning, building resistance to risky behaviors, and college tours.

In 2011, we also adopted a Formula for Impact, a five-year road map designed to provide age-appropriate programs so all Members can demonstrate Academic Success, Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles. A key component to the Formula for Impact is to prepare every Member to graduate from high school so that he or she is ready for college, trade school, the military, or employment.

How are we impacting Club Members? Each year, we survey our Club Members and parents through the National Youth Outcomes Initiative, a research tool designed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in order to quantitatively assess our programmatic impact. Below are findings from our 2014 survey.

  • 81% of Members have established a positive, trusting connection with an adult staff member of volunteer at the Clubs 
  • 94% of Members agree the Club staff persuasively communicate high expectations of success to them 
  • 72% of Members say Club staff regularly offers recognition for their achievements and efforts
  • 85% of Members say they expect to attend college
  • 88% of teens say they plan to pursue a secondary education
  • 96% of Members say they expect to graduate from high school
  • 72% of teens say they expect to complete a 4-year degree (in comparison 23% of the overall US population has a college degree) 
  • 81% of Members say they earn mostly A’s and B’s at school
  • 89% of Members perceive school as important (73% say “very important”)
  • 32% of Members participate in a Club-based service project every week
  • 49% of Members are engaging in physical activity 7 days a week (with an average of 5.10 days for all Members)
  • 92% of Members abstained from binge drinking during the most recent school year
  • 92% of Members abstained in the illicit use of prescription drugs
  • 96% of Members have abstained from cigarette smoking
  • 96% of Members have abstained from use of chewing tobacco, snuff, or dip
  • 59% of Members are eating at least two fruit servings per day
  • 47% of Members don’t drink any soda

​In addition, we surveyed the parents, grandparents, and guardians of Club members to better understand their concerns and needs.  Results from the 2014 Parent Survey are:
  • 83% of parents agree (with 54% strongly agreeing) their child is better prepared for school because of homework help, tutoring, and other academic programs at the Club
  • 95% agree their child is safe at all times at the Club
  • 87% would rate their child’s experience at the Club as positive (61% said excellent)
  • 89% rate the staff’s overall performance favorably, with 65% rating it as excellent
  • 62% indicate that as a result of their children’s experience at the Club, their child’s self esteem improved a lot
  • 86% agree that their children had become more competent, learned do something new, or experienced something new as a result of their child’s experience at the Club
  • 84% agree that their children have a stronger sense of community service and doing things for others as a result of their child’s experience at the Club
  • 88% agree that their children has a positive relationship with an adult such as staff, volunteer, or coach as a result of their child’s experience at the Club
  • 86% agree that if not for the affordability of the Club, their children would not be able to attend


Event Registration

Please visit our Events Page to register for an upcoming event. Contact Renee Booth if you have any questions about any of our events by email or call 772-545-1255.

Annual Membership Fee: $35 Download Application Here

Our award-winning afterschool programs are available to all children aged 6 to 18 in five club locations - Hobe Sound, Indiantown, Palm City, Port Salerno and Stuart. The annual membership fee is $35 for the school year, $250 for summer break, and teens join at no charge. Download the 2015-16 Membership Application here. Call 772-775-1255 if you have questions. 


Lego Robotics Team Meets on Fridays in Hobe Sound

Members aged 9 to 14 now have a LEGO Robotics Team in Hobe Sound! FRIDAYS 4:30pm—6:30 pm, Sept. 18 to Dec. 12

New Club in Stuart!

NEW LOCATION: 1300 SE 10th Street
Club is located on the St. Joseph Church campus and is open after-school until 6:30 pm. For questions, contact Tamia Williams, Branch Director.

In the News!

Stuart News journalists: Thank you for reporting on our new location in Stuart!

2014 Annual Report

Club’s early literacy program named top overall in Florida

BGCMC recently received the award for top overall Boys & Girls Club program in the state by the Florida Area Council for Be READy, an early literacy initiative that the organization designed and created in 2012. Full release here

The Bill & Barbara Whitman branch in Indiantown is OPEN! 

Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this six-year dream! The new Club features a full-size gymnasium, performing arts space, learning & technology labs, a kitchen -- plenty of space to build and develop the potential of Indiantown’s most extraordinary asset — its children!