Formula for Impact

In 2011, BGCMC joined Clubs across the U.S. in the adoption of a new Formula For Impact. The Formula for Impact is a five-year roadmap designed to provide age-appropriate programs so all Members can demonstrate Academic Success,Good Character & Citizenship, and Healthy Lifestyles.

2012-2013 Impact

According to BGCMC Club Members ...

85% of our Club Members ages 6-12 expect to attend college

93% of teens expect to attend college, with half (49%) saying they expect to obtain a master's degree, MD, or PhD        

92% of Club Members here in Martin County told us they're meeting the expectations staff have for them

Eight in ten (78%) Members are engaging in the recommended amount of daily physical activity

92% of Club Members have abstained from alcohol

92% of Club Members have abstained from tobacco use

According to Club Families ...

91% of parents say their child's academic performance improved last school year because of the Club  

97% said their child was more prepared for school each day as a result of his or child's involvement in our Academic Success programming

94% of parents agreed that as a result of their children's experience at the Club, his or her self-esteem improved

88% parents strongly agreed or agreed that their child has a stronger sense of community service and doing things for others as a result of the Club

81% of parents said their child has developed a better understanding of positive lifestyles and healthy behaviors because of the Clubs

88% of parents say their child has a positive relationship with an adult such as staff, volunteers, or a coach as a result of attending the Club

BGCMC by the Numbers

Who we serve

  • 2,964 youth served total
  • 1,716 registered Members
  • 6-18 years of age
  • 102 Volunteers
  • 20:1 Staff to member ratio
  • 49% Male
  • 51% Female
  • 30% African-American
  • 28% Hispanic
  • 4%  Multi-Racial
  • 37% Caucasian
  • 1%  American Indian/Alaska Native
$35 is the cost of membership per child(ren) ages six to 12 that a parent/guardian pays for the entire school year. All teens attend free.  

$1,800 is the cost that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Martin County pays for each member per year.


BGCMC Joins Great Futures Campaign

Important Dates

The last day of summer program is August 8, all clubs will be closed August 11-22 for staff training, and the first day of the 2014-2015 afterschool program is August 25.  

2013 Annual Report

New Indiantown Club is Now Open!

The new Bill & Barbara Whitman branch in Indiantown is now open for business! 

We want to thank everyone who helped us achieve this six-year dream! 

The new Club features a full-size gymnasium, performing arts space, learning & technology labs, a kitchen, and plenty of space to build and develop the potential of Indiantown’s most extraordinary asset —its children-- through Education & Career Development, Character Leadership Development, Health & Life Skills, The Arts and Sports, Fitness & Recreation.

Support BGCMC's Scholastic Book Drive!

With more than 500 Club Members reading for 30 minutes each day, we can never have enough books for them to enjoy and learn from. Click here to support our build a Club library!